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Women make up only 1.5 percent of 26,500 angel investors in India. While the country has seen a 53X growth in the number of angel investors, the number of women angel investors hovers just between 300 and 400.

Women Investor Network (WIN) aims to change the status quo, one woman at a time.

A LetsVenture product designed just for the female tribe, WIN by LetsVenture is a cohort-based program carefully curated to help aspiring investors to kickstart their angel investing journey.

Leveraging an extensive network of private market investors, it aims to bring more women to the table as angels, syndicates & more. After overseeing three successful cohorts of women, we are confident of our part in pushing for a larger change for women in leadership in the startup ecosystem.

We are with you every step of the way as you learn and question the rubrics of angel investment, and go on to apply lessons in the real world of the private market.

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WIN to embark on a thrilling journey as a startup investor.

Three weekends, a network of like-minded women, and just one well-structured program to master the basics of angel investing. 
LetsVenture’s network of investors across 60 countries are bullish on India’s private market as a promising class of investment. We don’t want you to miss out.
Angel Investing
Introduction & women in angel investing
Financial Planning
Asset Allocation: Private & Public Markets
Deal Sourcing & Investment Thesis
Accessing deal flow & developing an investment thesis
Legal Processes & Financial Diligence
Understanding deal negotiation, term sheets, cap table & taxes
Branding, Storytelling, and Angel Syndicates
Building a brand and storytelling as an investor; angel syndicates & board roles
Managing Exits
Exit strategies and the Angel-VC dynamics
Post Investment Involvement
On startup mentorship & managing relationships

From Start to Invest

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The Journey So Far

Women across 3 cohorts with diverse experience across domains
Deals signed by women from 3 cohorts of WIN
Rs 7 Crore
Total investment made by women across 3 cohorts
Hours of training over 3 cohorts
Women wrote two or more checks in early-stage startups
Women wrote their first cheque in early-stage startups through the LetsVenture Platform
Mentors over 3 cohorts

Our Big Bold Mentors to Hone Your Skills

Mohit Satyanand
Angel Investor
Shanti Mohan
Founder & CEO, LetsVenture
Jagruti Bhikha
Angel Investor
Archana Priyadarshini
General Partner, PointOne Capital
Kshitij Shah
Ex-Principal, 3one4 Capital
Sambhav Ranka
Partner, IC Universal Legal
Priyanka Gulati
Founder , Manthan Advisors
Arun Tadanki
Lead investor, Waveform VC
Anshul Jain
MD, Lighthouse Funds
Chitman Kaur
Founder, HeyCloudy
Nakul Saxena
Head - Investor relation & Fund Management , LetsVenture
Saumya Mittal
Co-founder & CEO, Fittbud

Sneak Peeks of Lessons in Angel Investing

How to get good access to deals with Jagruti Bhikha

How to help beyond Capital with Mohit Satyanand and Ashwini Asokan

How to Evaluate Startups
with Manu Chandra

Meet the cohorts: They came. They learned. They invested.

The Cohort Speaks

Devina Chaudhary
Consultant, Espandere Advisors

"I was a bit weary before signing up but can confidently say it was the best decision I made in a long time. Right from introduction to the world of Angel Investing to covering some critical concepts - this workshop is a great starting point for those looking to become serious, active investors. And the team actually walks the talk! Kudos to the entire team for a great initiative."

Leela Shaju
Education Professional

"A course which was much needed for amateurs like me who are very keen to become a part of this eco space. The speakers took care to simplify the process and answered the queries with great patience. A very logical build-up of the sessions gave me a continuity and better understanding of the process. Got an opportunity to listen to personal stories of some of the stalwarts in this field.....Great start to a journey I wish to pursue."

Jyoti Rai
Chief Business Officer, ICUL

"I attended the debut WIN initiative of Letsventure, as per me it was the most meticulously planned & executed with so much enthusiastic sessions, which spanned over 4 weeks!! The WIN Cohort was truly what I needed. I believe that each of us are angels with only one wing, and we can only fly by embracing one another". Congratulating Shanti Mohan & team for initiative WIN (Women Investor Network) - a #cohort approach towards learning & enabling Women Angels in the industry."

Anisha Parikh
Co-founder, Hackberry

"The WIN Angel Investing Program has been a real eye opener and excellent learning experience. Being a founder myself, has given me the opportunity to look at investing from a different perspective. The 4 weeks were planned meticulously with stellar speakers for varied topics from Deal Evaluation to Syndicate Valuation and Exit strategy. A comprehensive, detailed and very insightful program with an enthusiastic cohort of women has been extremely enlightening and knowledge based. Small things like connecting us to the last cohort, the varsity and support from the LetsVenture team added a lot of value to WIN. Would definitely recommend to anyone who wants to learn more about the amazing angel investing world!"

Bhavna Tandon
Co-founder & CEO, Car Jasoos

"Angel Investing is a buzz word that many talk about however this initiative of WIN is truly phenomenal. Not only is it motivating women to become Angel investors but even better is the guidance, mentorship and demystification course that they have put together. I really enjoyed it and feel relatively confident with Angel Investing. At least now I know whom to approach if stuck which is a great feeling. Thank you so much!"

Riddhi Vyas
Early Stage Investor

"I started my investing journey about 2 years ago, but there were still multiple aspects around Angel Investing that I was struggling with. The WIN program by LV not only helped me resolve most of these doubts, but also reinforced some of the learnings and understandings I had during my individual journey. Live interactions with some of the best in the industry, discussing their view points on different aspects of startup investments were my biggest takeaway. I have also expanded my network with over 60 amazing women from different walks of life. I am definitely looking forward to collaborating with them and LV as we all get involved with startup investments. Kudos to the team behind the WIN program for the great job they did in putting together the lessons, the speakers and seamlessly coordinating it all."

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Women Investment Network (WIN)

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