May 21, 2024
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Investor Ethics

Trust is the most valuable currency in the startup ecosystem and investors & founders on LetsVenture are exemplary testaments to the same. We believe in


  • As an investor, while capital is important for founders & forms the basis of the relationship with them, respecting a founders’ time, as well as his/her judgement on how the business should function is important. This is key to building trust with the founders.

Adhering to the confidentiality clauses on the platform

  • Founders share confidential information while fundraising and there is an implicit amount of trust when it comes to pitching to investors to keep the information confidential.
  • As a platform we would highly encourage to not share confidential information about a startup with others without consent or not to let the founder know if you have invested in a competing company ahead of a call.
  • Trust is a two way street and the bedrock of a successful investor-founder relationship.

Focusing on helping founders succeed beyond odds

  • Entrepreneurship is hard. Capital is just an enabler.
  • Investing is also a very difficult and a long term journey.
  • The best way to build a solid investor-investee relationship is to support founders with connects, advice, referrals for hiring & more. This just helps in building a much better, collaborative & healthier ecosystem where together we are helping the ecosystem succeed.

We are overtly transparent and we take pride in it. We have no asterisks.

  • At LetsVenture we work for founders and focus on protecting our investors. This philosophy drives all our actions and decision making process.
  • Our platform and team will ensure that we are there to proactively assist both founders and investors whenever needed.
  • We constantly strive to ensure that our processes and products are as transparent as possible. We are always happy to get your feedback and proactively work on the same to resolve any issues faced by investors or founders.