July 10, 2023
July 10, 2023
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Why should investors look at impact investing today

Team LetsVenture

Achieving the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) is a priority for India, and both the public and private sectors have been doing their bit to meet the targets. It is important to work towards achieving a sustainable future and thus impact investments are more important now than ever.

In the case of impact investments, both financial and impact returns generated by the startup become crucial for the investors. Over the years, several investors are becoming aware of the funding requirement in this segment.  

According to a report by Impact Investors Council (IIC), a total of 377 Indian impact enterprises raised $5.8 billion equity investments across 411 transactions in 2022. This is a slight decrease from 294 enterprises raising $6.8 billion across 365 transactions in 2021. Also, the year 2022 saw a drop in the number of big ticket transactions over $100 million.

The data reveals that while there has been 35% increase in seed stage transactions in 2022, funding in the late stages in terms of  both value and number of investments has declined sharply since 2021. 

With an aim to close the funding gap in the impact investment segment, LetsVenture has now partnered with Impact Investors Council (IIC).

LetsVenture’s focus on impact investments

LetsVenture, along with Impact Investors Council, is looking to unlock the potential of impact investments for angel investors.

As the first step, LetsVenture and IIC are organizing  a virtual session on July 13, 2023, where industry leaders and experts will shed light on the immense potential of impact investing. 

During the session, ecosystem experts and investors will come together to discuss the current impact investment landscape and its opportunities for wealth creation.

LetsVenture will also launch the ‘Angel Impact Investing Course’ in collaboration with Impact Investors Council to guide the next generation of investors.

Angel investors who are looking to explore impact investing opportunities can join us on July 13 for our virtual session, titled: ‘Unlock social and financial returns: Impact Investing for Angel Investors’.

Register for the session here.

Impact investment: An opportunity

In 2022, climate-tech has been the top sector to achieve impact investment with almost one out of every three impact investments raised by a climate-tech startup, according to IIC. 

Impact investments enable investors to earn financial returns along with supporting causes for the greater good. It has the potential to support businesses addressing the social and environmental challenges across sectors such as renewable energy, agriculture, healthcare, education, among others.

Even while impact investment is picking up pace in India, IIC data reveals that the country needs to spend approximately $170 billion annually to support the SDGs by 2030, thereby presenting a huge opportunity for private investors.

Investors looking into impact investing can explore businesses across sectors, including agriculture, healthcare, financial inclusion, climate tech, technology for development, and education among others.

For more detailed insight into impact investments, join the Angel Impact Investing Course’ today.

Investors registering for the event now will also get an exclusive 30% off on our ‘Angel Impact Investing Course.’

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