May 21, 2024
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Curated sessions from leading founders, marquee investors and expert operators

Session 9 - Face of the New Indian Angel | LetsIgnite 2021

"Learn about the new breed of ""operator"" angels in India - what makes them tick and how do they make investment decisions and manage deal flow? Our panelists are some of India's youngest angels: Richa Bajpai, Campus Fund Abhishek Nag, Luminaire Capital Vijay Rayapati, Angel Investor Nameet Potnis, ex PayU"

Session 8 - What founders want from their investors? | Sachin Jaiswal | | LetsIgnite2021

" is an artificial intelligence-powered chatbot that leverages NLP and ML to users where they can interact with their natural language. Founder Sachin Jaiswal talks about what founders want from their investors other than just the funding capital."

Session 6 - ESOPs: Let's Get Practical | Founders First 2021

"Varun Khaitan of Urban Company and Sanjay Jha of discuss the right way for founders to practically approach ESOPs - How do you create an ESOP policy that scales with your startup? - How much ESOP should you give out at various stages? - How should you approach ESOP liquidity & buybacks?"

Session 5 - Changing Dynamics of Lead Investors | LetsIgnite 2021

"What is the role of a lead investor? What are the structures that work? Here's what Arun Tadanki of Waveform VC, Karteek Pulapaka of Java Capital, Vaibhav Domkundwar of Better Capital, and Shanti Mohan of LetsVenture think about the changing dynamics of lead investors."

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