May 31, 2022
May 30, 2022
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9 years of LetsVenture, 9 years of creating value & wealth

Shanti Mohan

Nine years of building LetsVenture. That is what will mark 31st May at the LetsVenture office in Bangalore, Delhi, and Mumbai. While it feels like a significant milestone in the startup space, for me as a founder, it is another year as we now inch towards being a decade in the business. 

It has been 9 years of actively participating in the startup ecosystem of India and building India’s private market narrative.

When Sanjay (Jha) and I founded LetsVenture – it was literally let’s venture. Let's have fun. Let's build a marketplace that makes startup funding easy.

A simplistic vision where we did not know the complexities of the business we were about to embark into. 

LetsVenture founders do us proud.

As much as it sounds a cliché, I have to say that every day still feels like a new day. In my last 9 years, I have seen it all – from writing the first newsletter to onboarding founders and investors, to writing my first angel cheque, startups shutting down, and losing my capital. From hiring my first intern and employee to letting go of teams when we saw the downturn in 2016, to now a 70 people strong team. 

For me, the journey of the first four years was a journey of evangelizing angel investing and discovering market behaviors. We have seen the true inflection point from 2018 onwards.

The business is now past the knee of the hockey stick and continues to blaze. In a market that is seeing a slowdown, we did 85 deals in the last 45 days.

And that could not be possible without the right people and process. So I am grateful for where we are today. 

All this, as I always have acknowledged, is not possible without the love and support all of you have given us. Thank you for being with us on our journey of organizing private markets for India.

Love and Gratitude

LetsVenture investors are our solid backbone.
Shanti Mohan
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