November 27, 2023
November 27, 2023
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Rise of founders as angels and what they do better

Team LetsVenture

Insights into a fun and engaging discussion on the rise of founders as angels and what they do better:

1) 99 percent of founder-operators get started accidentally and most of them are only spending time reactively. Your 1AM text with an honest request is more likely to get their response and attention than weekly/monthly call.

2) As an angel, you’re always wearing the founder’s hat. You start learning about angel investing as a founder when you go through the process of raising. After the first several investments through their network, founder-turned-angels begin to think about their investing business as a product.

3) If you invest in a company that is similar to yours, you are doing a disservice to the founder. An angel must also avoid investing in portfolio competitors.

4) Investing as an angel is a lot of fun. Investing as a VC is a lot of work.

5) Remember you won’t have all the data. Angel investing is literally a leap of faith.6) Finally, get rid of angel tax. There should be nothing called angel tax.

Catch the full discussion featuring Aakrit Vaish, Co-founder and CEO, Haptik; Abhishek Goyal, Co-founder, Tracxn; Rohit MA, Managing Partner, PeerCapital, moderated by Dipti Nair, Brand and Marketing Head, LetsVenture.

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