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New ways to track your portfolio startups and invest strategically on LetsVenture

Team LetsVenture

As the Indian startup ecosystem grew and matured in the last decade, LetsVenture has paved the way for more investors to take part in startups as an asset class. We’ve held transparency and access to information to investors as a cornerstone value in all our endeavours. 

It is important that investors stay updated about startups in their portfolio, their performance, and be involved with founders, and understand future prospects of the startups. 

Keeping this in mind we have revamped the dashboard to provide transparent portfolio details at both holistic and granular levels. 

As a step towards that commitment, we are happy to unveil our new and improved portfolio tracker on LetsVenture, designed to make it easy and transparent for you to keep up with your portfolio companies.

Here are a few ways investors on the LetsVenture public platform can navigate to track their portfolio efficiently. 

Actionable Insights

Gain valuable insights into overall portfolio health and asset allocation. Use this information to identify opportunities to rebalance the portfolio and optimize investment strategy. The dashboard is designed for ease of use so investors spend less time navigating and more time making strategic investment decisions.

The portfolio summary gives a consolidated view of investment activity with key details such as the total amount invested, the current value in real-time, and the rate of gain and loss. The platform also presents a clear picture of returns as well as the total number of active and exited deals.

Downloadable tax statements 

Investors get access to a one-stop platform for a comprehensive and customized list of all startups in their portfolio with a gist of their performance. Besides up-to-date information on each startup, the list can be downloaded to access and run in-depth analysis offline if investors prefer to integrate the data with external financial tools or software. One can also download tax statements for IT filing on private market investments.

Toggle between public and private deals with ease 

LetsVenture enables investors to lead or participate in both public deals (through the LetsVenture AIF) as well as private syndicates where lead investors source startups independently. The new and improved dashboard lets investors get a detailed view of deals they are leading or participating across public and private platforms.

Clean and clear portfolio updates 

It is important that angel investors stay updated on startups in their portfolio. That is why we diligently engage with all the portfolio startups on behalf of our investor community. On the investor dashboard, one can find crisp summaries based on startup reports to provide an overview of operational metrics, financial health, and other key updates. An investor can also access detailed reports and leave behind comments for founders to address. 

The LetsVenture platform also houses all the important documents for investors, including tax documents in the Document Vault.  

Team LetsVenture
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