May 31, 2023
May 31, 2023
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LetsVenture: 10 years of building value and wealth

Team LetsVenture

LetsVenture turns 10. It has been a decade since we began on our journey towards organizing the private markets in India.

For over a decade, LetsVenture has been working to make startup fundraise easy for founders and investors.  Over 10 years, we have built solutions for both investors and founders to ensure fund accessibility and organize the private markets. 

Private market for investing had been largely confined among selected angels who had enough appetite to bet on one of the riskiest asset classes. But sentiments have now changed owing to the growth opportunity leading to many investors including family offices, CXOs, operator-investors also betting on the early-stage startups.

On this journey,  LetsVenture has evolved into a company catering to the needs of founders and investors. We have created the complete suite of solutions for startup investments from early stage to growth stage.

We know that access to capital is a challenge for founders. Simultaneously, access to good startups is a gap for investors. We have been and will continue working towards bridging this gap and help right investors associate with right founders to ensure a valuable partnership.

Here is an overview of how LetsVenture is facilitating people across India and beyond to be a part of the country’s bustling startup ecosystem.  

Enabling investors

Much like the challenges in accessing capital for startups, investors also find it difficult to get connected with good startups that match their vision and expertise. With our following services, we continue to stand by the investors and guide them through their investing journey. 

In our most recent move to support our participating investors, we reduced Carry, earned by general partners/fund managers, in our case Leads from 20% to 10% on the LetsVenture public platform. This move was in line with our vision to ensure better returns and wealth creation opportunities for our participating investors. 

Whether you are looking to invest in top startup deals, or form and run your own syndicate or even stay updated with trends in the ecosystem, explore these offerings by LetsVenture: 

LetsVenture Early-Stage Platform: Through our early-stage platform, we enable investors to discover, connect and invest in quality startups. The technology first and easy-to-use platform helps in making startup investments secured, private, and personalized. 

LetsVenture provides investors with the option to invest in two distinct ways: deal by deal and portfolio-based investments. 

  • Deal by deal:

In the deal by deal model, investors have the flexibility to choose specific startups they want to invest in. This allows them to carefully select ventures that align with their investment preferences and risk appetite. 

  • Portfolio-based:

In this approach, investors can invest in a diversified portfolio of startups. This method provides investors with a broader exposure to various startups and helps mitigate risks by spreading their investments across multiple industries and sectors. 

LetsVenture Private Syndicate: LetsVenture Private Syndicate enables investors to take the lead to source deals on their own, bring together participating investors for the deal, and run a syndicate on the platform. 

trica capital: trica, a LetsVenture company, offers tech-enabled proprietary platform for growth-stage investments. Through trica, we ensure investors, especially family offices, access to exclusive investments. Investors can also manage their portfolio using a single dashboard.

LEARN by LetsVenture: Through our online learning platform LEARN, we ensure education for the aspiring and experienced angel investors. It acts as a one-stop destination for lessons in angel investing. As part of LEARN, we offer online courses, masterclasses, AMA sessions, and live cohort learning programs to provide a holistic understanding of angel investment. 

For the Founders

LetsVenture is solving funding issues not only for investors but also for founders. We understand the daily struggles of entrepreneurs to keep their business afloat and  want to make the startup building process smooth and easy for founders. Industry experts believe that now is a transformational time for the Indian startup ecosystem and couldn’t be any better time than taking the entrepreneurial plunge now.

Scalix: Launched last year, Scalix is the co-founder/ mentor/ friend that every new founder needs. It is a SaaS platform to help entrepreneurs in their startup journey. Designed as an operating system for founders and startups, Scalix offers assistance in a range of operations from community building to resources on industry best practices, access to service providers, and product deals. 

trica Equity: If you are an entrepreneur on a scaling up journey, we support you through trica Equity. trica Equity offers a full-stack solution to manage a startup’s equity, cap table and ESOPs. It helps businesses shift to paperless processes, ensure transparency, and bring in a unified view for stakeholders. 

With over 84K DPIIT-registered startups, India is the third largest startup ecosystem in the world. For the future founders and investors who will be charting the next chapter of growth, LetsVenture will continue to pave the way into the private market ecosystem.

For the future founders and investors who will be charting the next chapter of growth, LetsVenture will continue to pave the way into the private market ecosystem.

Team LetsVenture
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