October 19, 2022
October 19, 2022
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LetsVenture announces the much-anticipated startup reporting feature on the platform

Tenzin Norzom

👼🏻India has 26,500 angel investors today. 

💪53X growth in the last five years

☝️One universal problem: keeping up with portfolio startups and their growth

Enter LetsVenture with the latest ‘Reports’ feature 📻

What does it do?

⏩Provides progress overview in 10 seconds

🔎Tracks operational and financial metrics

🎯Compares last three quarterly performances by default

📊Data is visually presented. We crunch the numbers, so you don’t have to 

🛠️See where the startup needs help & guidance

💰Funding plans in the future 

How does that help⚡

Investors have access to latest updates and reports at the startup/founder’s disposal for 24/7. They do not have to be wondering how a startup faring and know exactly where and how they can step in as investors without the hassle of scheduling meetings with the founders. 

Why is that absolutely needed? 🔥

🔹Boosts transparency between founders and investors

🔹Helps shape investments strategies 

🔹Finally, our investor community wanted more startup updates

The Premise ☕

2013 : LetsVenture started as India’s foremost platform providing access to private market investment and became the ultimate bridge connecting founders and investors. 

2022: More than 17k investors have invested $110+M across 900+ funding deals 📈

Today: The interest in private market investment is at an all-time high, thanks to the storied success of India’s entrepreneurial energy. If earlier only ecosystem insiders were calling the shots on Indian startups, the Gen Z and millennials want in on the exciting and lucrative opportunities it has to offer. 

The profile of angel investors is becoming more and more diverse 🐣

If they know the workings of angel investment, they are ready to cut the check. 

If not, they learn and enter the scene. 

LetsVenture is already there🛎️

LetsVenture saw the lack of awareness and education on the private market early on and regularly hosts AMAs and engagement sessions for better understanding of the startup investment. 

Our learning resources for absolute beginners: 

🔹Basics of Angel Investing: a self-paced, online course to build strong foundations in angel investing. 

🔹Women Investor Network (WIN): A women’s cohort-based program carefully curated for aspiring investors to kickstart their angel investing journey.

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