November 27, 2023
November 27, 2023
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Power law's ability to make investors lazy and other insights on building a successful portfolio at LetsIgnite 2023

Team LetsVenture

What does it take to build a portfolio immune to larger market trends? Here are the top takeaways from the panel discussion on lead investing and creation of successful portfolios at LetsIgnite 2023.

1) In the next 20 years, India is going to be a key supplier of entrepreneurial talent to the world.

2) Trust the founder and look at why you think he has a chance at winning. In early stage, the number one leading indicator of success is founder grit.

3) Angel investors need a portfolio approach because the success ratio for early-stage investing is very low. Choose your sectors carefully. Bet on two to three sectors, go deep into them, and work with the founders.

4) Power law works if you have intelligently invested in those 100 works. One shouldn’t think that just because I’ve invested in many deals, some should work. And when you win, ensure that you win big.

5) The expertise of a fund manager lasts only up to a certain period. If you’ve hit the threshold, one should not hold on to it. It is important to know that from an exit perspective.

Catch the complete discussion featuring Soumitra Sharma, Operator-Angel, US-India Corridor; Uday Sodhi, Angel Investor; Vishesh Rajaram, Managing Partner, Speciale Invest; Anirudh Singh, Partner, Avataar Venture Partners; Nakul Saxena, President – Early Stage, LetsVenture.

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