LV Debt

LV Debt is designed to empower founders of emerging businesses with easy access to capital to unlock business growth.
  • Non-dilutable capital
  • Work with a curated, trusted partner network
  • Founder-friendly process (no paperwork, all digital onboarding)

Why Debt for founders/Advantages

LV Debt for dynamic needs of startups and emerging businesses

Non-dilutable Capital

Helps you preserve equity.
Equity translates to ownership. It is the most expensive instrument for capital raise.

LV Debt helps preserve your ownership, while allowing for capital for growth.
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Efficient Partner cosystem

Leverage LetsVenture’s trusted partner network. Together, we navigate complexities, unlock opportunities, and eliver unparalleled value.
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Founder-friendly process

Enjoy a founder-friendly process designed to streamline your journey with us. Say goodbye to paperwork hassles – our all-digital onboarding system ensures a seamless experience from start to finish.
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Who is eligible

Who can avail LV Debt?

Only two simple criteria to qualify for loan from LV Debt

Private limited company

Startups and emerging businesses seeking loans from LV Debt must be registered as a private limited company.

Revenue-generating venture

To avail loan from LV Debt, the business should be generating a steady flow of revenue.

Documents required

Startup pitch deck
PAN card
Aadhaar card
GST registration

LV Debt

Simple, hassle-free loan for business growth because we understand each business has unique capital needs.
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We partner with the best founders in their fundraising journey. At Every Stage.

Vineeta Singh & Kaushik Mukherjee
Ravish Naresh
Saroja Yeramalli
Suumit Shah

Technology first. Secure by design

A gateway to India’s private markets, LetsVenture suite of products empower individuals and organisations – individual investors, family offices and LPs, and startups from early to growth stage – to be a part of the Indian startup ecosystem.

"We availed support from LetsVenture for raising debt investment. They helped us identify suitable product offerings based on our business requirements and connected us with potential debt providers. It took just a few days to raise debt through their platform. From introduction to pitching, negotiation and closing the deal, they have been very thorough, professional and startup friendly. They made things happen quicker and enabled access to critical capital for Pasidi Panta."

Krishnaiah Kodimela

Founder & CEO
Pasidi Panta Private Limited

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