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We mean it when we say tech-first. On LetsVenture, founders can complete their entire fundraising process till the transaction is completed on the platform.
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LetsVenture is driven to provide a firm foundation of network-led growth for founders. Leverage our community of over 35,000 startups on the platform.

We see founders take the leap to growth.

Vineeta Singh
Sugar Cosmetics

From serial entrepreneur to creating one of India’s largest D2C beauty brands.

Tanmay Jain

Backed by YCombinator & LetsVenture, serves 300k users across 50 countries.

Suchita Salwan

India’s largest discovery platform for independent brands with over 16 million users.

Our key investors who invested in top growing startups

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Girish Mathrubootham
Founder & CEO, Freshworks
India Quotient’s
Sparrow Capital
Jiten Gupta
Founder & CEO, Jupiter


Learn, connect, and collaborate with fellow founders
Resources and services to help founders run startups efficiently
Regular cohort learning programs for early and growth stage startups
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Founders First

Founders First is a LetsVenture initiative designed to help startup founders get actionable insights, mentorship and support to help them grow, scale and succeed in their journeys.

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A good piece of advice can make or break a journey. Discover mentors right for you.


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