May 21, 2024
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LV Fuel FAQs

What is LV Fuel?

LV Fuel was created in 2021 as an investment syndicate for the founders on LetsVenture to give back to the ecosystem. Over the past 7+ years, around 700+ founders have raised funds via LetsVenture and built businesses across sectors and created wealth & employment opportunities.

Through LV Fuel, the LV founders syndicate seek to give back to the ecosystem via capital, experience & skills. If you are a founder, our founder syndicate would love to invest in your dream and have you join our family to pay it forward with the collective goal of enabling you to successfully scale your startup.

How is LV Fuel different?

We are India’s largest founder driven investment syndicate formed by India’s largest platform for private market investing - LetsVenture. These founders have come together from diverse sectors (FinTech to D2C to SaaS to SpaceTech to AgriTech to “add-your-sector-here”-tech). From consumer tech to frontier tech, we have all the expertise under one roof.

We founders have been in your shoes. We have walked the entire mile and overcame multiple challenges. In our experience, at an early stage, having a partner who comes from an operator background can help you in achieving faster growth and institutionalising processes to scale sustainably.

LV Fuel also aims to invest in a minimum of 20 companies initially and 20% of the investments will be geared towards women entrepreneurs and founders from Tier 2 and 3 cities. The founder-investors at LV Fuel can also invest in as many startups as they like with no upper limit.

What is an investment syndicate?

A syndicate is an investment vehicle that allows a group of investors to collectively invest their capital in your startup.

Who can apply?

LV Fuel is both sector agnostic and stage agnostic. So whether your idea is on a napkin, beta stage or has paying users, we are open to all.

What is our evaluation criteria?

Our evaluation criteria are primarily internal and also factors in:

  • Our ability to develop a conviction on your idea.
  • Our ability to help you grow besides capital.

What questions will we NOT ask?

Who else is investing in your company?

  • We believe in our own conviction on you and do not mind being the first cheque.

What is your pedigree?

  • Your degree won't determine your pedigree.
  • While we will determine founder-market-fit, we do realise that good ideas and execution capabilities can come from anywhere. We ourselves come from diverse backgrounds.

What are our investment terms?

  • Founder friendly and flexible - spend less time on paperwork(we take care of the same for you) and more time building your startup.
  • We do not ask for special investor rights or board seat for ourselves.
  • We will however call out predatory clauses from other investors (if any).

What will be LetsVenture’s role here?

  • Along with the founders' syndicate of LV Fuel, the LetsVenture network (investors and founders outside of this syndicate) can also invest capital varying from a minimum of $30,000 to $2 million.
  • The final amount will depend on the stage of the company, round dynamics (and allocation).
  • We aim to onboard 200+ founders in the next 2 years thereby significantly expanding our founder-investor-mentor base with more stellar founders and thereby ensure that we cater to a more diverse group of founders over the years.

Am I eligible for the perks available to a LetsVenture Portfolio Company?

Yes. Post the investment, you are eligible for all programs and benefits available to a LV portfolio company such as:

  • Valuable credits from cloud providers, vendors.
  • CXO connects across industries for growth & partnerships.
  • Investor & VC connect for future rounds.
  • Access to a thriving founder community.
  • Opportunity to participate in LV Founders Fund - Yep, we invest in you and you invest with us.
  • Marketing: We will help you garner your first media coverage, build brand awareness and drive more visibility via PR.

I am interested. How can I apply?

There are 3 ways to apply -

  • The best way would be to reach out to any LetsVenture portfolio founder you see in the founders section for a friendly chat or just for an introduction. We do not like pitching (just like you) cause we know how difficult and time-consuming it can be as a new founder.
  • Reach out to our LV Fuel Evangelist from LetsVenture -
  • Or alternatively, simply apply via the website link.

Post my application, how long do I have to wait for a response?

We don't want to keep you waiting. Fundraising is stressful and we know that. Once you apply, expect a response from us in the shortest possible time.

How do I schedule a mentorship session?

Once you are accepted into the fund you will be able to coordinate with the LetsVenture team to schedule a session with the founders.

How many companies do you plan to invest in?

No limit. The investment syndicate provides the flexibility to the founder-investors to invest in as many startup’s as they like. We have a wide base of founders and backers.

The investment syndicate aims to invest in a minimum of 20 companies initially and 20% of the investments will be geared towards women entrepreneurs and founders from Tier 2 and 3 cities.

Do I need to be a part of the LetsVenture network to refer startups?

No. You can refer any founders and startups at