May 21, 2024
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Session 4 - Women in Investing | LetsIgnite2021

"Leading women investors including Shanti Mohan of LetsVenture, Archana Priyadarshini, Ruchira Shukla of IFC, and Ashwini Asokan of Mad Street Den talk about the nuances of investing by women in India. Harpreet Singh Grover, Angel Investor and co-founder of CoCubes moderated the session."

Session 2 - What founders want from their investors? | Agam Khare | Absolute Foods | LetsIgnite2021

"Absolute Foods intersects technology, science, and agriculture to go beyond what Organic Foods offer! Founder Agram Khare talks about what founders generally expect from investors other than just the funding money."

Session 2 - Product Led Growth | Founders First 2021

"Sidu Ponnappa of Gojek and Suhas Motwani of The Product Folks explore the nuances of product-led growth from a startup perspective. - How do you reconfigure the marketing & sales mix to let the product lead the way? - Learn how your product itself can be used as the main vehicle to drive growth."

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