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Women Founders Network (WFN) is a program for women founders across India designed to help them build and lead from the front.

Our goal is to encourage more women to build companies. And to inspire more women to become entrepreneurs and act as a crucial support system in their journey.

Our new initiatives include a cohort based mentoring and fundraise supportive program and a broader set of sessions and events that are open to women across the region.

Learn what it takes to make a difference

A structured program to build your skills as an entrepreneur and network with investors, operators and like-minded women over 8 weekends.
From seed to IPO
Plan and envision your journey to the top
Building your MVP
How to build an MVP and get your first users as a pre-launch startup.
Time management
Founders have to know it all, do it all. Let’s do it efficiently.
Setting KPIS and goals
Define & track KPIs to understand how your startup can realize goals effectively.
Team management
Build successful working relationships with your cofounders, employees and other stakeholders.
Building a Pitch Deck
Learn how to tell a story and create a deck that is attractive & efficient
A Guide to Seed funding
All you need to know about fundraising - The how, when and why?

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Women Founder Network

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Women Founder Network

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